Enabling efficient and reliable ULD handling for Cargologic's existing Cargo Terminal

ULD handling system for Cargologic at Zurich Airport

Zurich Airport is a gateway to the world - not only for numerous passengers, but also for several tonnes of freight each year. On average, 30,000 tonnes of cargo are imported, exported, or handled here every month. With more than 390,000 tonnes of cargo per year, air cargo handling providers at Zurich Airport, such as Cargologic, depend on efficient and reliable equipment.

Cargologic has been providing air cargo handling services for over 65 years. On behalf of airlines, forwarders and transport companies, Cargologic's goal is to provide fast, profitable and sustainable cargo handling. For this reason, the entire air cargo facility at Zurich Airport was renovated from 1997 to 2001.

Location: Zurich, Switzerland
Completion date: 1997-2001

Replacement of the cargo system without restrictions on ongoing operations

A major challenge in this project was to ensure that the modernisation and conversion work did not restrict ongoing operations at the cargo terminal.

The expansion of the building and the installation of the new ULD cargo system were therefore carried out in individual stages. Step by step, individual areas of the terminal were replaced. This made it possible to maintain Cargologic's ongoing operations and even optimise them step by step even before final completion.

Lift and run technology | hoist
Lift and run technology | hoist

Efficient cargo handling thanks to lift and run technology

Almost 60 % of the freight handled each year are transfer cargo. Transfer freight in particular requires fast handling within the airport. Efficient equipment is therefore a basic requirement for the air freight handler Cargologic.

The installed ULD cargo system is based on lift and run technology. In this way, significantly higher throughput figures can be achieved in the same space.

Long-term efficiency thanks to qualified service team on site

Installing new and innovative equipment is only half the battle on the road to long-term efficient and reliable cargo handling.

Since the commissioning of the new ULD cargo system at Zurich Airport, our service technicians have been on site to ensure the adequate modernisation and maintenance of the system.

Solution: ULD handling system
Application: Air cargo hub
Capacity: 350,000 t/a
ULD storage positions: 2,300
ETVs: 6

The key added values for this project and the customer at a glance:

  • Even during the ongoing modernisation work on the cargo facility, operations could continue without restrictions
  • Due to the high proportion of transfer cargo at Zurich Airport, the lift and run technology of the handling system in particular offers central added value. Significantly higher throughputs can be handled in the same space.
  • To this day, a service team from Lödige Industries is on site to carry out necessary repairs and maintenance work.
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