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Retractable car lift enables a multi apartment property in Schaffhausen

Minimum space requirement with VERTICAR Plus

To provide access to the underground car park of an apartment building in Schaffhausen despite the limited space available, the customer relied on a space-saving car lift from Lödige Industries. The construction project could be carried out according to plan and serves for 10 car parking spaces on a lower level since July this year.

Schaffhausen, Switzerland

Completion date:

Parking without influence on the utilisation factor

Due to the limited space on the site, a conventional access ramp to the underground car park could not be realised. Therefore, it was quickly clear to the client that a car lift should be used as a space-saving alternative. However, the integration of a car lift faced the client with further challenges for this property, which could be solved by using the VERTICAR Plus.

Integrating the car lift into the building was not an option to not reduce the living space. A separate access road or a fixed structure for the access cabin would have affected the utilisation figure and thus the overall project.

The VERTICAR Plus is completely retractable into the ground. When not in use, the lift cabin disappears completely into the ground and therefore has no impact on the utilisation figure of the property. In this way, access to the parking garage could be realised and all 10 necessary parking spaces made possible.

Increased profitability thanks to minimal use of space

Especially in urban, highly sought-after residential areas, floor space is scarce and can be very expensive to acquire. In projects with limited space, every additional square meter for integrating a lift solution therefore has a high impact on the profitability of the property. Consequently, key figures such as the shaft cross-section, resulting from the shaft dimensions, or the shaft pit play a central role. In addition, construction measures for the installation of a shaft pit are often associated with additional financial expenditure.

The VERTICAR Plus car lift is specially designed for use in minimal spaces and has the smallest possible shaft cross-section. In addition, the shaft pit is very low at 1.1 metres.

This means that not only is the used ground floor space of the lift on the property very small, but also the costs for constructing the pit could be significantly reduced.

Facts and figures

VERTICAR Plus car lift

Multi apartment building

Lifting capacity:
3,000 kg

Lifting height & Stops:
3 m & 2 stops

Nominal speed:
0.1 m/s

Cabin dimensions:
6 x 3 m

Shaft dimensions: 
6.6 x 3.5 m

Pit depth:
1.1 mm

"In order to reconcile maximum living space with the necessary car parking spaces, even on smaller properties, car lifts are the most space-saving solution. In Schaffhausen, we have therefore installed our VERTICAR Plus lift, a product that is optimal for these purposes, thus enabling the building owner to realise the project,"

- says Stefan Jost, Managing Director of Lödige Industries in Switzerland.

Project enabled thanks to VERTICAR Plus

  • When not in use, the lift car disappears completely into the ground and therefore has no effect on the utilisation rate of the property. Thus, all 10 car parking spaces could be realised enabling the whole project.
  • Due to the small shaft cross-section and the low shaft pit, central space savings could be generated. The space savings contribute significantly to the profitability of the project.


Parking without influence on the utilisation factor.
Minimum space requirement with VERTICAR Plus.
Retractable car lift enables a multi apartment property in Schaffhausen.
The residents reach the underground parking level comfortably via the retractable cabin.
All 10 required parking spaces were realized and the project was thus made possible.
When not in use, the lift car disappears completely into the ground.
Increased profitability thanks to minimal use of space.

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Max. Hefhoogte: 25 m

Max. Snelheid: 0.6 m/s 

Diepte put: 1.250 mm

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Meereizen persoon 40 parkeerplaatsen

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Max. Hefhoogte: 25 m

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Diepte put: 850 mm

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26 parkeerplaatsen

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Gemakkelijk te plannen: geen put - geen machinekamer

Max. Hefhoogte:
24 m

Max. Snelheid:
0,15 m/s

Geen put nodig

Meereizen Persoon: Toegestaan

20 parkeerplaatsen

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